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miguel cerda
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United States
, a artist and hobbyist ---i enjoy many fandoms like starwars, startrek, furry, tmnt, he-man, transformers, dc and marvel, 1930's style things, mego figures. and yada yada you get the drill.

Current Residence: tx.
Favourite genre of music: oldies
Shell of choice: turtles
Wallpaper of choice: tmnt
Favourite cartoon character: the 4 turtles, stith from titan a.e.



Baby Its Cold Outside
it was Christmas eve, and the badger held a gift in one paw, wine in the other. he was neatly dressed in vest, and tie. which of course were matching green with his pants, brown dress shoes. he set out into the cold, and made his way towards the house of miss rabbit. the mustache twitched.  for he was making his second move.  Mr. fox had just left her home, possibly going to see family. the female decided to stay behind as she was too tired from work today. it was just a few minutes before the fox left, since their little stand off, the badger made all he could to avoid the bastard. he walked up and gave a hard knock on the door. and waited, a moment later the rabbit answered. she was quite the sight. she wore a red PJ nightwear, obviously getting ready for bed, or simply ready to relax. inside her fireplace was blazing warmly, her home a tribute to all things Christmas. the scent of pine, her tree alight beautifully. her hair was made up into a bun. -- she was surprised to see Mr. badger. but warmly smiled and welcome him in, the badger bowed respectfully and gave him his thanks. and shuffled his feet on the outside mat, before stepping in. though she did request for him to take his shoes off, he complied. as he looked around the room.  "i trust Mr. fox will not return tonight?"  the badger asked. the bunny turned and sighed.  "he had to make some extra cash for his family, so he'll be at work tomorrow. he went home to go to bed early." the badger let this sink in. he gave a nod.  "than allow me to give you company my dear."  he offered her the gift, her eyes lighted up and gently took it. "oh, Mr. badger. you didn't have too."  the badger had a smug look in his lips under his mustache.  "oh, but its my honor to, miss rabbit." she giggled then paused looking at him, then ripped the gift wrapped paper. she now held a velvet purple box, and open it to reveal a wonderful neck-less of silver, with a snow-flake encrusted in white diamonds.  her paw over her mouth she looked at the short badger then  reached out and gave him a hug which he gladly returned.

while the badger was a devious little rotter at times, this gift was really out of his own heart. the rabbit smiled. but frown.  "you do realized we can only be more than just friends." the badger ignored this as he walked passed her with the fruit wine. "oh, i know. but i cannot help but fall for such a wonderful woman like you, you are like no other. and honestly i don't think Mr. fox appericate you enough." the rabbit turned. "but he does."  she defended.  "he is very sweet and kind." the badger took his seat on the couch. "yes, yes. so you say." the rabbit sighed and sat with him, and placed a hand on his.  "i wont lie, i have felt something for you. but this is wrong."  the badger lean and cup her chin and lifted it up.  "but my heart has already made up its mind." then turn away from his paw.  "then you'll only get hurt. and i will be damned if i allow you to do this to yourself. this is why i wont accept your heart." the badger frown. he felt anger. he wondered what was so great about the fox? well educated? bah. a gentleman? hardly! has a good family? hah! he knew for a fact his father is having an affair with some bitch beagle. no. Mr. badger knew he was better, far better than any animal. the badger firmly held her chin.  "then allow me a night with you on Christmas eve. it is such a beautiful night." the rabbit looked into his eyes.  "Mr. badger, i will allow you into my home, i will allow you to give me company. but i will not allow you to make a pass at me. i am taken." she said firmly. but the badger will not hear it! for he stole a kiss from her! she tried to push him, but he was a rather heavy fellow.-----his kiss was firm.  his paws slowly held her face, the rabbit needed to resist him. but his kiss was melting her. the scent he wore was extinguish.  she pulled away, panting. her eyes stared at the badger. she should slap him silly! -but dammit, dammit all his kiss was intoxicating. she knew where he was going, what he was trying to do. this sneaky weasel was seducing her. and by god, it was working. she couldn't help it. Mr. fox had been so busy as of late. yes they had dates. but sometimes the dates end up horrible. other times when they were together alone, he would say, or do something selfish. granted, she knew he didn't mean these small mistakes. most of the time he did no wrong with her. but he left her alone. and here was Mr. badger, needing company. and so much more. could she really give in? --the answer was yes. and she will regret it.

the badger was in for a shock. fore she climb on top and started kissing him all over from lips to all over his face. smothering him. he held her, and she cup his cheeks as her fiery passions burn. yes. yes this is all what he wanted for Christmas. he kissed back just as passionate. oh sweet sensations. paws moved over each other's bodies, the feel of soft furs, the scent, the way they looked into each others eyes. yes, the badger knew this will only make trouble for him. but he was all about trouble. he would go far and beyond to get this woman. even if it meant stealing her. but he knew he would lose. surely this will not end well and he'd end up alone again. but she was worth trying and than some. --thoughts interrupted as she cuddled him. nuzzling her muzzle against his thick neck. he paused, and slowly wrap his paw over the back of her neck, stroking her hair. he let out a sigh as the glow of the lighted Christmas tree gave a peaceful atmosphere. he turn his head.  miss rabbit rested peacefully.  "thank you, for giving me  your company Mr. badger."  the badger sighed.  "you are more than welcome." he his head turn and he rested his chin on the top of her head.  " must know, i am falling for you."  she sighed. "i know." --the radio played 'baby its cold outside' the badger sat up with her, and pointed at the outside window. "its snowing." she turn, and so it was.  they re-position themselves as they sat, snuggled upon one another watching the snow flakes go down, the badger never felt more at peace, for miss bunny, the feeling was the same.

it was the 26th, and the badger had a bit of a scuffle with Mr. fox, for the vulpine was fed up with him being around his woman. for he had caught him with her out in the park that day. but it was broken off, with an upset rabbit. defending the badger, they left for home and he walked her to her home. he rested now, and saw the fox make his way. -he heard the arguments from across the street. he walked over only to walk in on them kissing. apparently making up. he left quickly  before they knew he was there. --- Mr. husky sighed as he drank his beer, looking over the badger who had done nothing but rant in anger about Mr. perfect. Mr. fox. the husky shook his head as he drank deep of his beer.  "you always want what you cant have, Mr. badger." the badger rose up his great arms raised.  "i will have her, dammit! that bastard think he's so great!" the husky slammed his beer on the ground and pointed.  "you should leave them alone!! you should have minded your own business!! mark my words, if she loses Mr. fox she will blame you." the badger growled as he turned to face his friend. "she was mine since i first met her in the summer!" the husky got up and put his  paws on his waist.  "oh? well i honestly think you don't deserve her. you are selfish and mean! hard headed, stubborn, closed minded. that is why no woman ever stayed for you for long, what makes her any different?!" the badger snorted.  "because she feels different. she's perfect."

"you ruined a perfect blooming relationship, Mr. badger. you are bad people." he walked down the stairs. "you are selfish, and you wont win her over." the badger shouted. "if that is for true, than why would she kiss me? why did she held me, that Christmas night!?" the husky turn with a grim expression on his face.  "because she doesn't realize it yet. you tricked her, blinded her of her true love. if its anything at all, she must did it out of pity for you, badger." he left him on his porch. leaving the badger alone. his anger was gone, but now he had a new emotion. the feeling of self doubt, self loathing. he went into his home. for the most of that day and night he was depressed. and when Mr. badger was depressed he ate, and drank a lot. and the more he thought over the husky's words, the more he thought that perhaps they were true. he was a pathetic creature. he thought to himself as he curled tightly under his blanket. why would such a wonderful woman ever be in love with him? he felt hot tears seeping from the corner of his eyes. his thoughts went to many failed relationships. their actions, their words. he shut his eyes tightly as he sobbed. oh god the pain in his heart. he could hear them laughing at him. he saw his bunny cuddling  the fox, giving him a mocking look. as she kissed and cuddled him. oh, oh how stupid he was. perhaps it was pity, perhaps it was all for not. perhaps Mr. husky was right. he will only hurt himself. and worse, hurting her. and if he hurt her, she will hate him. they always ended up hating him. he didn't sleep well.

Merry christmas to everyone on DA. ---spike hat is an early christmas gift from my chick.
Unexpected Blooming Love, And The Seeds Of Doubt

the badger sat on his chair, paws wrap together  as he looked at the rabbit who sat across from him. he didn't have many visitors and for her to be here was a surprise. for she -he thought-was angry with him-yet here she was, with the offer of home made cheese cake. and the chance to make peace. and he accepted. as he took a bite of cheese cake. it was exquisite. the cream, light buttery taste. it was amazing. she was dressed pretty as well. her face made up, hair in a cute style. a pretty little dress. but it wasn't for him. she had told him she set a dinner plan in her home for her boyfriend as a date. she was determined to make it romantic as possible. the badger thought to himself, how lucky that skinny bastard was. to have such a lady to work so hard, for him. and yet haven't the decency to make time for this, this most beautiful creature. but he said nothing and simply nodded and wished her luck. he of course offered her tea. and she accept it. as he pour her cup. and that day they talked long, of many different things. and as they did he found more reasons why she was perfect to him.

oh the joy he felt. she had a hold over him which was bewitching. he could not help himself. for as they talked, he became more and more comfortible.they now sat on the same couch together, laughing at amusing experiance he had as a young cub. and she, herself shared some misadventures. and soon the conversation turn to more grimmer, sadder things, and he found a kidred spirit with her, for he under stood her pain, her fears, and her mistrust with anyone during a realationship. she was hurt before, taken advantage. and in his emotions which open slowly he lean against her. "if you were mine, i would never hurt you like the blagards who broke you're heart. i would promise my loyalty to you. i would treasure more than gold and daimonds." he as foolish to say such things to one who is already taken, but he chose to ignore these warnings. she only looked away, and listend --she herself could not believe the words, how could she? she was let down by so many. but she had a boyfriend. and she must stay loyal, yet in the badger's words, he held such meaning, and when she looked into his brown eyes, they were so sincre, he brushed her stran of hair out of her face--he lean, she turn her head to avoid what she knew what was coming, and yet still, he tried to kiss her, he looked at her with such desire, no sexual desire, no. it was something else. and when he looked at the snow of the window, he pointed.  "look, its snowing." she turn her head, gazing at the window, ears perking, yet his eyes were on her lips. and something, like a siren called to him, and without thinking the badger locked lips. it wasn't forced, no lust, no agression. but  a meaningful passionate kiss. soft and tender. and he swore to the heavens he felt a spark! an electric spark, the likes of which he had never felt before! sure, he had kissed a woman before, but this, this was like no other as his body jolted with excitment, and as he felt this, he thought--no--invisioned her slapping him across the face. he expected it. but she-she herself kissed back just as passionate.---but as soon as it begin, it ended. and the flustered bunny got up, and told her she had to go, she said her goodbyes rather quickly left without another word. leaving the badger alone. did he felt guilt? no. no guilt. all he felt was the tingle of his lips, as if her lips never left.


miss rabbit was confused. she loved Mr. fox, but Mr. badger was so different. his passionate words, the look of longing for her in his eyes, and the kiss, great god! the kiss! she touched her lips and blushed. her mind wrap in the conversation, and that wonderful kiss. NO! no. she shook her head. "i mustn't think of him this way! i belong to Mr. fox!" she tried to convince herself.  but she had to admit, his kiss was so different than Mr. fox's. Mr. fox kisses were rather hard, and rough. but Mr. badger...  her thoughts were cut short as a knock came to her door, which she answered. and there stood a rather impressive dressed vulpine. she smiled as he kissed her lips and hugged her, and gave her a cookie from which he bought from the shops. she smiled her smile, her adorable bunny teeth flash in her grin.  she turned and set her candles a-light, as they begin dinner. --they shared small talk of his day. she listen intently. holding hands with the one she loved. and yet the badger i the back of her mind lingered----later they shared a bed as they snuggled and kissed. the sweet caress, the smell of the fox, she convinced her he was hers. and hers alone. she was loyal to him, and she made damn sure to show it that night.--- and yet even so, the fox noticed she was being very lovable. and asked if there was a reason why she was doing this, she said nothing, but a simple  "because i feel cuddly tonight, honey." for the rest of that night, they talked of many things, marriage, and children for that matter. and their pillow talked went on.  

a few days later, she and her boyfriend would go out together, while she expected romance, was met would more childish play. going to dinner was ---simple. and after he took her to the carnival, and they played games. they had fun of course, they took pictures at a booth, holding hands. later they walked to the park, as they stroll, she had been thinking of the badger's kiss. and  she thought, if she was a good woman, she would be honest. and she told the fox that the badger had harbored feelings for her. the vulpine was upset, and asked her, "has be done anything to you?"  his blue eyes met her silver ones, her ear flatten and admit.  "he kissed me, and i quickly left afterwards."  he nodded slowly.  "i see. perhaps i should have a little chat with mr. badger!" she frown and pleaded, "oh mr. fox, please don't hurt him, he must feel guilty for kissing me, for he surely knows of us!" the fox huffed. "maybe so, but you are my girlfriend. you are mine." she nodded in agreement, as they walked home. she thought, perhaps she made things worse. but she knew in her heart mr. fox was not a violent man.  she hope it would be civil. atleast, she hoped so.

a day or two passed, and the badger decided to treat himself with some nice cold ale, and some potato chips. he gather those two items, and put on a nice coat for warmth. as he sat out of his porch. he gulped his ale and sighed softly. yes, this was the life. he watched the snowy scenery as he relaxed, he took some chips and munched loudly, his cat meowed as she came as she jumped on his lap, and made herself cosy. he petted her as he relaxed further, eyes closed as his thoughts drifted to the bunny-woman who stolen his heart. that kiss, oh it was such a wonderful moment. he knew though, she might tell Mr. fox. he was concern, but not as much. he felt Mr. fox was a shallow slandering dolt. surely that nice boy attitude was just something to cover up more sinister things. he convinced himself this was true. he thought himself as great for the rabbit. he knew what she needed, what he has to offer was far more better than Mr. fox's affections. --the thought was broken when he heard a 'a-hem' that deep voice made him open his eyes to see the well dressed fox with his cane, who glared at him through his spectacles. the fox was rather angry. nose scrunched up, his stare was hard as cole, a sudden fear came over the badger. --he knew. the fox spoke, as he walked up the steps. tail swishing furiously. the badger just gave him a bored look.  "yes? may i help you?" the fox replied, "i sure hope you can!"  he pointed the end of his cane against the badger's belly.  "i warn you, Mr. badger, my girlfriend, miss rabbit is mine. you have no right to kiss her. she doesn't belong to you." his whiskers twitched as his eyes made daggers at the short beast. the badger shoved the cane off as he arose, his cat jumping off as the badger spoke with a growing anger. "get out of my property" the fox shouted. "stay away from my woman!" the badger stepped forward.  "make me, if you dare." his brown eyes were narrowed. lips trembled showing a fang. the fox growled, his face a twisted expression of anger.  "you shouldn't take women who don't belong to you!" the badger stepped closer.  "Make me, hippy." the fox's shock and anger only grew. "hipp-HOW DARE YOU! I WORK FOR A LIVING!" He raised his cane. the badger watched, he made  a stance.  "hit me with that thing and i will defend myself!" he watched the fox, as he lowered his cane, the badger grunted.  "wise choice." the fox stepped back, but never took his eyes off of the badger.  "i warn you, Mr. badger! if you touch her again-" the badger cut him off.  "do i look like i care?" the fox twists his paws at his cane, but turned. he looked at Mr. badger who sat on his chair, the fox smiled slyly. and went across the road to greet his bunny, he watched as the fox kissed the bunny as soon as she open the door-- she was surprised, as he entered the house, and closed it.
leaving the badger rather angry at the thought of the fox, kissing 'HIS RABBIT' -but he knew, knew that the fox was threaten by him. the badger placed his fingers together as he thought. yes, miss rabbit wasn't his, but she soon will be. the seeds of doubt was planted. the badger will gain her love by any means. his selfishness and pride was alight with desires of what to do with her, the moment the fox leaves, he will have his turn, she will be seduced.
The Badger kisses misses rabbit, leaving her conflicted, 
love is a pain, but if plan its something to gain

there, in the hills of the snowy  plains, lived a badger. he was unique among his kind, for he was rather short. he was also very ill tempered like your average badger. he enjoyed life alone for  the longest time. yet his heart did longed for a partner ship that was deep and rich with all the wonders love could offer. but he lacked many things. such as control of his anger, his stubbornness, and his greed. but he was not all bad. he did try to understand the female species. but he was always ending up alone for his ignorance.

his living room was large, and had a nice shelf where he kept his collectibles and nick-nacks and books of literature. a full couch and chair next to the fire place. he had a bedroom, bathroom, and small but decent kitchen. in the back there was a storage room, and on the deep deep end of the hall way there was a cellar where he kept many drinks. ales, wines, cider, and soda pop. in the late evening, he stood by his window, watching the neighbor across the street. he sighed greatly. the badger wore nothing but a robe, flops.- he scratched under the robe of his big belly. his gaze set upon a rabbit, she wore a simple winter coat.  and winter boots as she carried her groceries he smacked his lips as he watched in detail of her fluffy winter coat. her fur was of a sandy brown, her long strawberry blonde hair only made her look more stunning to the eye. he chewed the end of his corn pipe as he took a puff. he had admired for since the summer she moved in, and since then,---well he did make small talk once or twice. even tried helping her when one relationship she had. which failed miserably for her. --- she seem so...forlorn and desired nothing more than to close herself and never fall for another again. but it didn't last long, as he saw her with a vulpine. with shaggy like beard, if you could call it a beard. he laughed to himself. he was a pathetic individual. he couldn't grow a full beard. for they were simple little whiskers on his chin. but what he heard about him was he was very well educated. and had a religious family. now mr. badger wasn't overly religious but he had his moments of faith.  still, the fact of the matter was is that he had her. and he was not happy. he turned and tap at his pipe turning his head to look once more of the beauty before him. he had decide to keep his distance. but his old ways wouldn't allow him.

for he had met her a few days ago, and helped her with chores she could not do, and with mr. fox too busy with his job at the shops, the short badger offered her his paw in fixing her fence. during such time when she came around, they made small talk. and he himself flirt with her. and she laughed at his corny jokes. and she even blushed when he commented on her beauty. now, he knew better than to move towards some female with a boyfriend. but the badger did not care. he had many failed relationships. and when he himself decided to swore off women and love all together, this bunny stirred his emotions and his heart. and he thought, 'to hell with it' he was tired of never having anyone. and this rabbit shared so much interest as he did, their love of music, and books. tea's and cakes. it was something he didn't expect nor had anything this close with any female he had dated. sadly his heart didnt learn its lesson and he fell deeply in love with her.  the badger sighed once more and put his pipe on the small table,  he walked over, rather, wobbled to his chair and turned on the radio for some smooth jazz. he sat there in his thoughts.


mr. badger was outside, shoveling snow off his porch. the crunch of his boots loudly as he moved and heaved the snow off, he grumbled loudly as he continued onto his work. it was the week before the festive Christmas season,  he already set his lights, put in the tree. -sometimes he pondered as to why he even did such a thing. he had only but one friend. mr. weasel, but he was a shrude mean little cuss. other than that, he had no one. and he liked it that way. people living in one house was annoying. what with their bad habits. his thought broke when he heard the giggle of the strawberry blonde bunny, who hopped away, and who was it who chase her? mr. fox. he watched as the vulpine moved swiftly laughing, chasing the bunny who hid behind the tree, his hazel eyes watched. the fox tossed a snow ball, missing the fluffy rabbit who tossed one back, nailing him, and knocking his glasses. the badger grumped. he wondered why this young brat was so appealing to her. a skinny fox with barely  the muscles to even haul heavy wood for her. granted, she could haul heavy things. to anyone she was this cute bunny, but he knew she was build to move things heavier than her. she was quite strong. but he shook his head of that random thought. he sighed and continued on to his work.  "hey mr badger"  he heard the fox's country accent he slumped and slowly turned.  "yes?"  he raised his bushy black eyebrows. the fox smiled as he offered, "would you like some help?"  the badger turned and quickly grumbled. "no. now go away."  *he continued to shovel, but the fox insisted, til his face was met with snow and mud on his face. the badger open the door and retreated inside, shutting the door.-the badger smiled slyly as he set his shovel on the side of wall. he rubbed his nose, and scratched his thick black beard. chuckling to himself. then a loud rapping at his door startled him. he thought to himself that the fox might have want to pick a fight with him. he rolled his eyes. the badger knew he maybe short, but his strength and thick hide was more than enough to make the fox think other wise.

he quickly open the door only to meet the glaring gaze of the rabbit. now she was taller than he was. and at the moment felt like a child in her height  he showed his nervousness for a moment before he regain his posture and simply said in a deep rumbling voice. "yes? may i help you?" the rabbit pushed him back with a finger as she enterd the den, as she scold him.  "how DARE you throw snow and mud at his face when he asked nicely if you needed help!!" her voice was like thunder. he couldn't help but notice the somewhat country-southern voice she had. "i'm sorry, but i don't like strangers coming asking me such things. you know i keep to myself."  she had her hands on her hips as her frown deepen. this send a chill of dread. "apologies to my boyfriend!" he looked at her, then looking behind her was the fox, currently wiping snow off his round glasses. the badger  looked back at her.  "i'm sorry your boyfriend is annoying." her eyes widen and glared hard at him the badger sighed as he moved passed her and offered his apologies the fox quickly accepted. that irritated the badger. the fox was a goody goody brown noser. he looked at him up and down as the fox held his paw. there was something he didn't like. no one was this good, no one was this innocent. there was something in his eyes he didn't like. hell, he didn't even like his face.  the badger shook it then made his way to his house before the bunny lectured him again. warning him never to do such a rude stupid thing again, before taking the fool fox by the paw and leading to her cottage. the badger grumped. and shut the door loudly. ---he slump against the door as he slide onto the floor. covering the top of his muzzle he sighed. he did it again. as he always have. mr. badger knew he'd lost her by his stupidity. but then she wasn't his to begin with. however...that will soon change as he started to plot to gain what he thought deserved.
miss bunny was greatly upset with her neighbor. she thought he was a respectable and good friend, but by the way he treated her boyfriend it infuriated her it would be a long time before she would even look at him again. she laid against her fox, who smiled warmly. her heart fluttered as their paws held together she sniffed his scent. she was the luckiest woman in the world. he was a successful, sweet, kindest male she ever met and felt lucky. compared to mr. badger who was the exact opposite. and she once saw him as a sweet old badger, well...he wasn't old-old. they were seven years apart. the fox kissed her cheek which caused her to blush as she kissed back softly.
he chuckled as he brush a thumb against her cheek.  "dont worry about mr. badger, he's probably under alot of stress." she sighed and hugged him.  "you are so kind and sweet. but i dont think i can forgive him" he shrugged. "you dont have too, but you can try. anyway, i gotta get going, have alot to do tomorrow so i might not come over tomorrow night."  she pouted. "but you promise we'll go out tomorrow"  he nodded. "i know. but i cant change my schedule, i need to go to the store and pick up some thing for mother."  he gave her one last kiss on the lips before he departed--- she sighed as she walked him to the door, they hugged and he left. leaving her upset. while she loved him, and understood situations, he had the way of cancelling dates and outtings.

she watched him leave, before turning her head to the cave-like house where mr badger lived a peg of guilt came to her, she knew the badger was a mean one, but she knew he had a sweetness hidden under that thick fur. she watched him do chores around the house, often times sitting outside with his cat, listening to music and drinking tea. he was a simple beast, one who enjoys being alone. but the times they did spent time together she learned he was very talkative, and and very good listener. and she could tell he was very lonely. and when they did talk he was a whole new person. and she had a sense that, perhaps he had feelings for her, if this was true, then she had to tell him that they would be friends and only friends. she was just waiting for him to reveal his feelings which felt it could be any time. she sighed and brushed her hair off her eyes, and for a moment saw the badger looking straight at her, before shutting the blinds. --she sighed and turned pausing as she watched the house. perhaps she'll make cheese cake and try to patch up their friendship. she really did like him. but as a friend and nothing more.---but then, why does she feel so free when she was around him? he made her feel like she didnt have to pretend. she felt she could be herself. with her boyfriend it was different.--she shook her head--no. no she loved mr. fox, and she was happier with him. she just wish he'd make time for her. maybe perhaps she'll do something to change that. she nodded and closed the door. she had so much to do to set the perfect romantic date.

Mr. badger is a beast who enjoys his alone time in his house. his relationship with women aren't as great. each failiar brought him to become more meaner and bitter. but a young rabbit caught his eye and his heart once again falls in love, the one problem? she's taken.
Applescorch: mom, shouldn't we say happy holidays? not everyone celebrates christmas... 
AJ: We say merry christmas in this house. happy holidays...give me a break.
How awesome was that starwars trailer??? Gaaaaahhhh!!!!! :0
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