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my furry art, and fanart. now in paper!




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miguel cerda
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United States
, a artist and hobbyist ---i enjoy many fandoms like starwars, startrek, furry, tmnt, he-man, transformers, dc and marvel, 1930's style things, mego figures. and yada yada you get the drill.

Current Residence: tx.
Favourite genre of music: oldies
Shell of choice: turtles
Wallpaper of choice: tmnt
Favourite cartoon character: the 4 turtles, stith from titan a.e.





(in the time of applejack's pregnancy, during her depression of granny smith's sudden death. and a slight worrisome problems with money, bills and taxes to pay. still, despite the bad vibes and her anger, spike could not look at her with anything but love for the mare)

spike laid in bed. he stared at the mare. she had been so angry, so spiteful. he knew she didn't mean what she says to him sometimes, life had been hard. for her, for him, for mac and applebloom. it was 12am, she had her back turned, she was asleep. and all the while the storm came in. lightening, thunder, high winds. heavy rain. he looked at the curtain window, then turn his head to look at his mare. he frown. she had been so difficult, but he loved her still. for she had became pregnant with their daughter. and that thought made him so overjoyed. he turned, and held her. she mummbled in her sleep. and continued too sleep. he rested his head on her mane and closed his eyes. she was his world. his life. he told himself this, she was his every reason for living and she knew this. and while the bills were getting harder to pay, he made sure they could have enough. but because of the sudden drought that nearly killed the apple trees, well...the sudden rain was a good thing. sales should pick up. but it didn't hurt to go out gem hunting and finding gems to help pay the bills.

he even took the time each morning to go out into ponyville to do some odd jobs to help her. she didn't like it at first, but she allowed it eventually. and each afternoon he would come home, shower, then start dinner for the family. and yet...she acted so cold towards him. getting a sense that she blamed  him for granny smith's death. it hurt, but he knew she was in mourning. so he ignored it and continued on. he fell asleep then. --- by 6am he was up and slide off the bed, and saw her. she was so peaceful looking, so beautiful. her belly showed signs of her pregnancy, which made her even more wonderfully pretty. he smiled, as tears welled up. his love for her grew stronger. he lean, and cup her cheek. and kissed her lips. she breathed softly, and push forward, he with drew to see her groggy eyes crack open. he stood back, wondering if she would say something, or just turn her body away from him.      

"spike.." she said in a morning voice, before clearing her throat. spike stood and waited. her green eyes looked up at him, and rose from her bed. her mane was a mess, her fur ruffled, she rubbed an eye with a hoof as slid closer, she placed a hoof on her belly. looking at him "spike.."
she paused, as she was thinking, then open her mouth, closed it. and waited. spike smiled as he reached and placed a claw on her belly.  "yes, my love?" she looked at him. then sighed reaching to his claw and held it close to her belly which carried their product of love.  " can ya still love me after how ah been treatin' ya?" spike smiled and closed his eyes, then looked at her. he smiled. "cause i love you."

applejack looked at him, the sun shined through the curtains, giving his scales a beautiful shine, like diamonds. she felt overwhelm with emotion, she felt love, guilt, anger, happiness. mood swings were a pain in the ass. but it just amazed her how he took her aggressive attitude towards him. ever since her granny died, she really did took it out on him. and he took it. he took every word, and every hit. and yet here he was by her side, waking in the morning, working jobs, or getting gems to help her with the bills and taxes. he was so pure of heart that it really made her feel like shit. finally she couldn't hold back, and held the dragon in her forearms and hugged him, and cried against his smooth scaled chest, she felt spike's claw stroke her mane and back, soothingly hushing her. whispering words of love.  why? why did he do this, she didn't deserve this at all.  

spike looked at his mare, his wife. moments passed and he spoke.  "i gotta get going."  he turned, but her grip was strong, and said firmly.  "no." she said thickly.  "you ain't goin' no where." he turned in question, but all that melted when he saw her pleading eyes. she didn't have to say anything else. he climb on the bed, and she slide back, soon both laid facing each other. he embraced her, and she lean against his chest. no words were spoken, but the simple act of cuddling, the feeling of fur and scale, the sound of her heart beat, her breathing. it was all coming together.

applejack lean against him, enjoying the warm he gave her, the strong arms of her dragon, she felt so safe, so loved. how could she be so damn lucky? and then, it hit her. it still amazed her, but they were to have their first child. and then, she thought back of her mate, his joyful blissful reaction. she expected him to run off in fear. but no. he hugged her, and kissed her, and ever since than he spoiled her, working his tail off, getting the extra cash for bills, and even some for foods that she loved but rarely get to have these days. he worshiped the ground she walked on, and showed so much affection towards her and the unborn child. despite how she treated him. she looked up at his face. her eyes watered.  "spike..ah'm sorry ah-" she felt his finger shush her.

spike looked on her with a loving smile, his finger trace gently on her lips. then towards her cheek.  "say no more my apple dumpling." he kissed her lips. and she pushed forward and kissed back with passion, crying between her kisses as she held him tight.

"ah dont deserve you!" she said to him as she kissed him with furious loving passion, she with drew and held his face. that handsome face she fell in love with. such a wonderful dragon, and to think she thought she would be alone. no stallion ever showed any love for her, every stallion were only into one thing. and she would lay awake at night, convinced she would be alone. and that is what kept her working so hard every day to avoid thinking on her loneliness. and here he was, a devoted husband, soon to be father, giving all he could give to her, his support, his love, his very soul. she felt so goddamn happy.  

spike chuckled as he cuddled her close, and said.  "of course you do aj, you deserve everything under the sun, and i will always be here for you. always." he stroked her ear she sighed in content. he felt so lucky, so loved, and all he wants to do right now is show it to her. he felt so proud of himself, to able to make her happy. while most stallions don't even try, don't even give two shits about their mares. he was different though, he was determine to make her the most happiest, the most love. he kissed her, and laid her head on his neck.

she sighed as her head pressed under his chin. she relaxed now, as sleep over took her. his breathing lullaby her to a deep slumber, as she dream of her spike, and her, and their child soon to be, together, happy. under a big apple tree, on a blanket, having a picnic.  

spike sighed as he watched her sleep, smiling at her he rested his chin on her head as he too, fell into a deep peaceful sleep. nothing in the universe was as good as this, nopony can truly feel this much peace, this much love. this was better than heaven, this was heaven. this, this was his reward. he was sure of it. he thanked god every day that they dated, that she reveal her heart, after his heart break from the mare he sought after, he was so blind that he never thought the closest of friends would be the one he had been looking for. as he slept, with a smile on his face, the clock turned on, the radio played, the song wasn't loud, it was soft. and yet could hear every word. and it fit in with his situation, his last thoughts before slept deeply was, 'god, are you telling me something?'  

~People smile and tell me i'm the lucky one, and we've just begun. think i'm gonna have a daughter. she will be me and she, free as a dove, conceived in love. sun is gonna shine above.
and even though we ain't got money, i'm still in love with you honey, and everything will bring a chain of love. and the morning when i rise, you bring a tear of joy to my eyes and tell me everything is gonna be alright.                  

seems as though a month ago, i was beta-chi, never got high. oh, i was a sorry guy. and now, i smile and face the girl that shares my name. now i'm through with the game. this boy will never be the same.

and even though we ain't got money, i'm so in love with you, honey, and everything will bring a chain of love. and in the morning, when i rise, you bring a tear of joy in my eyes and tell me that everything is gonna be alright.                

pisces and virgo rising is a very good sign, strong and kind, and the little girl is mine. now i see a family where once there was none. now we've just begun. yeah, we're gonna fly to the sun.

and even though we ain't got money, i'm still in love with you honey, and everything will bring a chain of love and in the morning, when i rise, you bring a tear of joy in my eyes and tell me everything is gonna be alright.

love the girl who hold the world in a paper cup. drink it up. love her and she'll bring you luck. and if you find she helps your mind, better take her home. don't live alone. try to earn what lovers own.

and even though she ain't got money, i'm so in love with you, honey, and everything will bring a chain of love. and in the morning, when i rise, you bring a tear of joy in my eyes and tell me everything is gonna be alright...~


(after the events  of spike at your service, applejack's thoughts turn to spike to which she realize she maybe in love and denies it)

"Hmm.." applejack sat on her hunches, mind deep in thought. "why did spike act so funny around me? he never messes up cookin' fer twilight" her eyes shifted from the sunset, staring at the green grass. "wait..." her eyes widen in realization. "what if he has a crush on me?" a second thought later, "nah." she shook her head. "he was just tryin' too hard ta please me." she nodded to herself, confirming her recent pondering, convinced she had solved it. ...until she started to think of spike, how helpful he was, despite the minor irritation he caused her, she thought on how eager he was, his eyes filled with need to serve her every whim. but thats why she felt uneasy. she couldn't take advantage. but she couldn't say no to him either. still...those bright emerald eyes that shine when he gazed at her, realizing she saved him, how he came up to her, and hugged her. it shocked her. she felt warmth for a fraction of a second.

aj closed her eyes in thought. he did save her in return, they were even. and that was that. but something within her, a longing begin to build.... "he is mighty kind..." she thought. "and thoughtful...and mighty cute." she smiled to herself, "so, gat-dang cute..." her eyes shot open. did she thought what she thought she thought?? she whip her head to the side, rising up off her butt and quicken her pace on the soft grass. "NOPE!" she said loudly. "nope!nope!nope!nope!" she blushed at the thoughts that lingered. she shook her head "ah'm foolin' mahself." she said, stopping, her eyes open with a glare, "if'n there's a prize fer rotten judgement, ah guess ah've already won that!" she spat. shaking her mane and tail. as she looked up at the starry sky. "no stallion or dragon ain't worth the aggravation!" she kicked the grass and continued to her homestead as she growled out, "that's ancient history, been there, done that!"  

but her inner thoughts sang out, causing her to clench her teeth. she glared pass the apple trees looking at her home far from where she was. ~who'd ya think yer kiddin' he's the earth and heaven to you! try keep it hidden honey, ah can see it right through ya!~ the southern tone of her inner voice tease, she shook her head and reason with herself with thoughts of rarity, - of spike fawning over the beauty mare. -yet her inner voice kept on nagging, ~girl, ya can't conceal it, ah know how ya feel and who're thinkin' of~  she huffed and lean against a tree, eyes shut tight as she thought of spike. they had their moments together, rarely, but that one certain image was stuck on her like a nail to the head when he almost-surely almost kissed her. she sighed heavy

"no chance, no way, ah wont say it!" she pulled her head back as she shouted to herself. -but the inner voice shot back- ~ya swoon, ya sigh, why deny it? uh-oooh!"  she dropped on all fours, and kicked the bark of the tree. "it's too cliche!" she argued, "ah won't say ah'm in love!"

she snorted, and continued her walk. leaving a pile of apples, she whipped her tail as she walked  with a determine glare. just a few more miles to the house. she talked to herself, "ah thought mah heart had learn its lesson, it feels so good when it start out..." she recalled when she was young. "mah head-ugh c'mon! get a grip girl!" she snarled to herself. "unless yer dyin' to cry yer heart out! oh!" she tossed her bangs out of her eyes, her eyes caught the glow of the moon, pausing as she stared. sighing longingly the moon mirrored that of spike cute little boyish giggle, and smile. she smiled, eyes dreaming possible scenarios..her inner thoughts caught her and said to prove a point. ~ya keep on denyin' who're are an' how yer feelin' sugar, ah'm not buyin' hon, ah saw ya hit the ceilin' face it like a grownup, when ya gonna own up? that ya got it bad!~  she sighed with a deadpan look, tearing her eyes away from the sky, scrowled, as she caught herself thinking, catching herself arguing with herself again. she moved forward ears twitching.

"whoa, no chance, no way" she bit her tongue in frustration as she neared the barn she saw some tools and picked them up  she open the barn to put them in their rightful place, she looked up at the wooden stall, and spoke to herself. "ah wont say it, no! no!" ~give up, give in!~ her thoughts push on. she covered her face in her hooves, as she flush red, spike constant in her mind now. she lower her hooves and sighed. eyes once again in a dream state, and had a goofy grin. her thoughts confirm this. ~check the grin, yer in love!~ she gasped and turned to an old mirrior and glared at herself.  "this scene wont play! ya hear? ah wont say ah'm in love!!" her mirror self just smirked knowingly. ~yer doin' flips, read mah lips, yer in love.~ she winked at her. she grab the mirror and tossed it out the window.  she breathed hard as she  went out the barn, turn and locked it secure then marched into the house, getting a can of apple soda, cracked it open with her teeth, she walked up the stair into her room, she took off her hat and hung it as she guzzled down the sweet bubbled apple drink before tossing it to the trash can as she breathed deep. eyes screwed shut, she flopped on to the bed, forelegs behind her head glaring at the ceiling.

her thoughts continued its battle. her thoughts were of spike again... those thoughts reason why it was alright to feel the way she did. her breathing became slow, relaxed. her eyes shut. as the best elements of spike came to her. ~girl, don't be proud.~ her inner thoughts said soothingly. ~its okay yer in love.~ she stretched her tired body. joint popped, muscles sore from the hard work."ooohhhh" she moaned, and relaxed and laid there for a minute. thinking it over. then she slowly turn to frame photos on the night stand. that of her friends of course. but one caught her eye. it was spike. who was leaning against AJ,  both smiling for the photo, which she remembered that day, it was the day her dog winona. he was there to help make sure that winona made it through the birth that evening. he came to help. armed with a bucket of water, wet towels the little trooper was determine to see the pups were safe. spike stood up all night watching over her dog, while aj got a few hours of sleep. she, was so worried about her,  she wanted to be there. but she was tired and being over worked as it is, then spike came along to lead a helping claw.

he would take care of her dog and the pups. by 6am he came to her, telling her she was giving birth. both watched with amazement. both clean, and helped, and encouraged winona. by 9 am she had a litter of seven. spike came through for applejack. she blinked, and smiled. running a hoof on the edge of his face of the photo. her eyes soften with love, admiring his kindness, his thoughtfulness, his loving and easy  personality. so loyal, so goddamn wonderful. rarity sure as hell didn't know how lucky she was. her leading spike on will be her undoing. that was fer fucking sure. and applejack thought to herself, rarity didn't deserve spike. and honest to god she made a decision to come out and say it. to tell spike how she felt. it was worth a shot. with a nod she admitted to herself  

"at least out loud," she pressed her lips on the picture frame centered on spike's face, then gazed at it, before setting it back on the night stand. clicking the light off, she sighed as she laid her head down "ah wont say ah'm in love.." her eyes closed, her thoughts of spike soon begin to take shape in her dreams. and not just any dream, it was the kind of dream that will inspire her to take the daring step to reveal her heart to the next morning she will devises a plan to swoon the little dragon. ----

Ah Won't Say It
aj thinks back after the events of spike at your service, and realize she may have feelings for him, she wont admit it,  she refuses to fall in love. her inner thoughts though, say a different story.
First Realization by TMNTFAN85
First Realization
after the events of spike at your service, aj ponders why spike screwed up so badly. she' realized maybe he has a crush on her, but she shoots it down thinking he was just trying too hard to please her cause of the dragon code. 

then she starts thinking things about him which she doesn't like and denies such much as she wants to tell herself.

So i might have to show you my work through inkbunny for now on. seriously i dunno if everyone else is having the same problem, that da is reading tumblr links as spam. i dunno if they made a new rule about it but i am seriously annoyed with DA doing stupid shit every fucking day.
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