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Life had its moments, when the one person, pony-mare whatever, changes your life forever. yes within those coming years for spike,  life changed drastically, for he was now a proud young father of a hybrid pony-dragon. he stood outside on the porch of the apple family home, resting his shoulder on the wood frame, gazing as celestia's sun drew to a close for the night time to come, it was cold out, he knew he would go inside soon. he was only 18 now, it was a crazy ass year. getting applejack pregnant, getting married, the loss of granny smith who hated his guts.  

he heaved a sigh when his mind wandered further. sometimes he question himself if things went too fast sometimes. he rubbed his spikes as he looked down at his feet. spike grew nice and tall, lankly but strong muscled. his face retain his young babyish looks, his chest, board and strong. - the draco sighed again. the wailing of a baby was heard deep in the house, that was his cue to go in, turning and opening the door he proceeded to go in. inside, the homey smell of baked apples, the sight of the old fashion styled home, and there on the couch, was a very tired looking AJ. who turn and glared at him for a second, before shoving the bottle into the hybrid's muzzle, --the babe clawed the bottle and suckled hungrily.  "bout ta'ime sp'ahk"  her southern accent drawled tiredly.
"where in th'hell you've been?"

spike smiled nervously, "i was checking on twilight, hon. you know she needs help every so often"  aj sighed, "not as much as me" spiked sighed and sat down, rubbing his paw on her back. "let me take care of her for a few, you go up stairs and get some sleep okay?"  applejack sighed, and smiled, turning slowly, placing her head on the crook of his neck  nuzzling.  "you're a mighty fine gentle-drake," she handed the baby in spike's arms, giving her husband a peck on the cheek, as she got up, stretching and crackling some joints in her body. "ah made some pigs n' a blanket, ah know how much you love them weenies wrapped in corsantes" with that, she went u stairs, spike took a moment to smell the buttery smell of corsantes. with mouth watered, usually he would eat only gems and diamonds and such things, but as he grew older, the need for meat grew, as well as his appetite. he sat there, though. feeding his daughter her milk with shaved gems mixed into the milk. watching her, as her eyes droop. he had to laugh softly at this, and before he knew it, the babe knocked out. he gently carried her, humming a tune as he walked the stairs, and going u the hallway. he turn to a door, and going into her nursery room,  as he walked towards the crib, gently laying his applescorch on the bed, and covering her up. smiling fondly, he petted her small mane, which should have been scales. but it was a mane. she was an odd little thing, fur on her body, scales on her belly, a small mane, claw like dragon paws, and hooves as her back-legs.

he stood watching her. as she went into a peaceful slumber,she was a real looker indeed.  his gut growled, demanding for this to end, for there was corsantes, wrapped around pork. poooorrrrrk. it growled. feeed us poorrrrrrrk. it would say. spike sighed and nodded to himself, then walked out the room quietly, before going down the stairs, and into the kitchen. and there, was a stray of warmly wrapped weenies. displayed beautifully before him, made by his loving adoring wife. rubbing his claws he went to the carbonate, and got a plate, he went over to the tray as he grab a few pigs in a blankets, then went to the fridge and grab himself some soda pop.

then, he continued as he walked into the living room, where, he silently enjoyed his supper. yes, this was perfect. and yes these were more like snacks, but with the little time AJ had time for cooking, when she does, he learn to appericate it. he ate the deviously wrapped pork, savoring the flavor, his head slightly bob, like a child would do, enjoying a wonderful treat. his mind in bliss. thinking of his life. it was truly wonderful. a beautiful, honest to goodness, mare. and the best child he's ever created. and he had pigs in a blanket. whats not to love? cracking opening a can of soda, he chugged half of the sweet carbonated water down. he sighed as he finished his dinner.

once done, he washed his plate and set it aside. winter was just starting, hearth warming season was just ending, and this week new years eve is coming. he stretched scratching his sides, and ass sighing. he walked up the stairs once more. traveling to the bedroom where applejack slept, he slowly open the door, and walked in, it was dark, saved for a lighted candle, which dancing and gave shadow upon his slumbering wife. he stood a moment, before closing the door silently as best as he could. then walked over and stared at her. he smiled, eyes filled with affection and love for only her, the one who truly showed him was real love was. he slide into the bed, and curled into a spooning position, wrapping his tail and his arms around the warming fur, placing his snout on her shoulder as he hugged her tightly for a moment, before loosen his grip, into a gentle hold, snuggling closely, and nuzzling her cheek, before kissing her cheek.  "i love you" he whispered in her ear, her ear twitched and a small smile crept onto her muzzle. sighing with content.  "ah love yew too, sugar"  she whispered back, with a happy sigh, spike laid his eyes closed, as he soon fell into a deep sleep.

life had its moments. the small ones are always the important ones.

things like this, was the best life can give you.

for spike, he thank the maker above that he was blessed with a new family like this.    

it was also good to have a mare that can bake you all kinds of apple related treats.

thats the best kind of wife. mmhmm.  i tell you whut.

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:/ don't think its meant to be funny.
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